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Fiery® Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition


The Fiery® Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition gives you professional tools for managing color, proofing and controlling workflow. The integrated solution meets industry standards and gives you accurate and repeatable color every time by letting you have total control of color output quality.


  • Caters to expert users who need advanced color tools.
  • Offers total color control throughout design, production and output.
  • Delivers optimum color quality every time.
  • Saves you money and time by decreasing waste and errors.
  • Increases your profit and customer satisfaction.

Feature Highlights

  • ImageViewer: fast local and remote softproofing tools for amazing preview and color editing capabilities in Fiery Command WorkStation. It's the ideal tool for inspecting color accuracy, trapping effects and screen patterns.
  • Paper Simulation Editing: Registers and adjusts the white point of media in CMYK simulation profiles.
  • Halftone Simulation with Frequency Per Color: Offers three user-defined halftone screens, LPI and screen angles per color channel, and custom or application-defined dot shapes.
  • 2-Color Print Mapping: Provides unique proofing capability for two color presses that is useful when spot colors are known at a later stage in the document approval process.
  • Configurable Auto-Trapping: Offers configurable parameters such as: Width, color reduction, shape, object type. Is application independent, so it does not adversely affect RIP performance.
  • Filters for Hot Folders: Automates sending print files to a Fiery through simple drag & drop or print-to-file function. Includes a set expert level filters (CT/LW, TIFF/IT, EPS, PS, PDF, DCS2, PDF2Go, ExportPS, JPEG, PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 preflight).
  • Preflight: Includes reports on fonts, spot colors, high resolution files, hairlines below threshold, overprints, and PS errors. Validates VDP file search path and resources. Supports formats such as: PS, PDF, EPS, PPML, VPS and VIPP.
  • Postflight: Offers color coded and detailed reports that identify color spaces and PPD options, provides information about the printing environment and advice on possible procedures and values. Can also print a test page to verify the condition of the printing environment.
  • Progressives: Prints a CMYK job with one separation, then two, then three, then four. Simulates one-and two-color presses including the sequence. Identifies separations Fiery sends to the printer.
  • Control Bar: Is highly customizable with fields to display job information and color control bar. Has the ability incorporate any EPS file.


Can be installed on Fiery System 8 or higher system server.

How do I find out which version my Fiery System has installed?

Your Fiery system version is listed in the Device Center General Information tab in Fiery Command WorkStation. This information also is accessible on the Fiery configuration page printed via the Fiery server.

Technical Support

Register your Fiery® Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition at immediately and get a bonus-- 30 days of FREE phone and e-mail support from EFI. If you need technical assistance, and your product has been registered over 30 days ago, please call us, and we'll be happy to help you. (Please note that there will be a $250 US dollar charge for the call because it is after our promotional offer.)

Terms and conditions:

The 30-days of free support offer starts from product registration date.

Western hemisphere:
  • Support is in English
  • Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m, Eastern Time.
  • Phone: 1-888-334-8650 or 651-365-5570
Eastern hemisphere:
  • Support is in English
  • Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m, Central European Time.
  • Phone: +49 2102 7454517

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